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Nov 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
your life with dignity. >> a self-proclaimed religious paradise in guyana in south america. carved out of the jungle by jim jones, a man who called himself god. >> how very much i've loved you. how very much i've tried my best to give you the good life. >> who convinced his followers to kill their children and then kill themselves. >> let us be done with it. let's be done with the agony of it. >> drinking a kool-aid-type fruit punch laced with deadly cyanide. >> something to put you to rest. >> 30 years later, in a place where words could kill, and did, there is silence, an empty field, the people gone. almost no trace of their lives or dreams. this is the site of jonestown's open-air meeting hall where i'm standing right now, where the reverend jim jones led his followers into the worst mass murder and suicide pact in america's history. only small golden flowers grow where bodies once lay. on that fateful morning there are more than 940 people living in jonestown. by nightfall only 33 would still be alive. for most of the few who did survive, it took incredible courage to defy jim jon
Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. >> cnn national correspondent jim acosta is following the romney campaign. >> an assignment romney knows he's an underdog here in pennsylvania. the gop nominee outside of the philadelphia suburbs to the theme from the movie rocky. across the country he's been giving his closing argument. he says the president is re-elected the country could go back in the recession and continue to accumulate massive piles of debt. what he's been doing is try to reach out to independent undecided and even some democratic voters to change their minds in the final days of this race. asked why the romney campaign is trying to compete in pennsylvania, a state that's been long considered to be a democratic strong hold in presidential races, a top romney adviser points to the polls saying they're overperforming the state, and the president in their mind is underperforming. mitt romney who's been considered a numbers man throughout his career, is going to find out who's right, the pollsters or his campaign? >> it's a dead he
Nov 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
: in 1993, they went to war in waco. >> this ain't america anymore when the atf has that kind of power. >> reporter: it ended in catastrophe. 86 people dead, including at least 24 children. >> there had been nothing like this before. the siege was new and unique in america law enforcement history. >> if you distrust the government, waco is going to be symbolic to a lot of people of what they really fear. >> i'm talking to you. somebody's going to get hurt. >> if he asks god for some kind of sign and god gives it, what does that mean? >> reporter: every saturday morning, clive doyle and sheila martin study the bible. >> behold god will come with strong hand -- >> reporter: they are about all that's left in waco of the branch davidians, an offshoot of the seventh day adventist church. their religious community went back generation. it even issued its own currency during the great depression. david koresh came to the faith and its texas commune in 1981. who was he back then, to you? >> just a bum. >> reporter: former branch davidian, kathy jones, and her husband, david, had seen religious
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, intelligence, conviction to doing the right thing. >> we're going to bring back america. thank you so much. >> now, "romney revealed: family, faith and the road to power." >> ann and mitt romney's summer home sits on lake winnipesaukee in new hampshire. a private, large and lived-in family retreat for the entire clan. all 28 of them. >> they all just left. a lot of them left last night. i ran through 12 loads this morning. a lot of towels. a lot of sheets. but it's a joyous thing. it's a joyous thing to have them all here. >> even in the midst of a presidential campaign. tell me a little bit about the mitt romney that's here, at the lake. >> nonstop. nonstop. he is going every minute. he's loving it. he pops out of bed the first thing in the morning, and he's just going. >> here, inside the lake house, romney is more camp counselor than candidate. >> fun loving, warm, spontaneous. get him out of the public eye, put him in here, he is as loose and funny and spontaneous as you'd ever want to see. and just so much fun to be with. >> so what happens when you get in the public eye? >> you just
Nov 22, 2012 12:00pm PST
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Nov 22, 2012 3:00pm PST
to house america's homeless veterans. guess who we found sleeping outside? betrayal of trust. on the rise at the nation's preteejs military academies. >> i remember him turning off the lights and me asking, what are you doing? >> women who feel betrayed by the military they committed to serve. >>> and the pentagon's battle to do something about it. revealing investigations, fascinating characters, stories with impact. this is "cnn presents" with tonight's host drew griffin. >>> tonight a special look at some of the men and women who served tonight's country. the injustices done it them. we begin with the startling story of how u.s. soldiers were used as human guinea pigs. during the cold war, the military embarked on this top-secret program to test chemical and biological weapons. >> the researchers used animals, but believe it or not, they also used humans, volunteers from the army who had no idea what they were signing up for. nearly half a century later, some of these human guinea pigs, well, they're emerging from the shadows with disturbing stories about what the military did to them
Nov 10, 2012 8:00pm PST
. as for actually helping the people they're claiming to help, america's wounded warriors, that's another question. here's drew griffin. >> reporter: help hospitalized veterans say it's all about raising the morale of our sick and wounded troops by passing out these craft kits in hospitals, kits designed to challenge the mind and help pass the time while vets recover. but now california authorities are seeking to make their own recovery. the civil penalties of more than $4 million for misrepresentations in soliciting. california says this charity paid excessive salaries, perks and conducted illegal deals with donated money, all for the benefit of some board members and officers. >> it is a shell game. and i think what we've seen at the end of the day is instead of focusing their intellectual efforts and energies and energies of the corporation on getting money to help the folks who are in need of help, our injured veterans, instead they spend all of their energy, effort and time on these shell games to move money around in order to benefit themselves. >> reporter: according to the charity's latest
Nov 22, 2012 11:00am PST
on the television show, "america's most wanted." private investigators have tried to track him down but stockton has literally vanished, at least that is what he may have thought, until the day we found him. these are pictures of stockton today, two hours north of seattle, down a side street in bellingham, washington, we found stockton where he told our investigator he's been living in this duplex for the past six years but was soon about to leave. a week later, we spotted him leaving the duplex in a pickup truck. we followed to an rv sales lot where he was eyeing a large recreational vehicle. it was perhaps the first time in years anyone had mentioned his involvement in the pizza bomb case. >> how you doing? mr. stockton, right? drew griffin. i'm with cnn. how you doing? it's taken a long time for me to find you. i wanted to ask you some questions. no, sir. brian well's family is really wanting to know about you, sir. please. as fast as he could, with his driver's side window lowered, jay stockton sped away not saying a word. mr. stockton, this is drew griffin again with cnn. brian wells' family is
Nov 10, 2012 5:00pm PST
veterans of america, says troops are tired of the rhetoric. >> there's a difference between the speak you get out of the bureaucrats in washington and the reality of what you see on the ground. the guys and gals on the ground don't care about how many bureaucrats there are, how many pilot studies there are, how much money have been spent. they care if they have a decision back from the va. >> there's a statement that their policy is delay, deny until we die. what is your response to that? >> i would say there are many veterans out there who love their va care, that absolutely love it. will assistant secretary sewers says the va is on track to process 1 million claims this year and paid out nearly $5 billion in compensation last year. adding to delays, the va says many are returning with severe mental injuries and sometimes file incomplete paperwork. the backlog also increased when thousands of vets were finally allowed to file claims for agent orange and gulf war syndrome. finally mike got word that his disability claim had been processed 18 months after he'd followed. but mike was awarde
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)